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First off, to say we are HUGE Star Wars Fans is an understatement. We have literally seen each and every movie dozens of times. We have read all of the media and we are always following fan sites to read other people’s take on elements of the movies. Personally our favorite movie of the film franchise will always be Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Although every single movie in the franchise was great, we know that many people share our sentiment and believe Episode V was the greatest of all time.

Anyway, enough about us loving Star Wars, you know that already, or we wouldn’t have a site. We wanted to let you know about our goals and promises with this site. We always want to be completely honest with you as a customer to our site. We want to fulfill you with the best site experience possible.

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Each Darth Vader Alarm Clock or Darth Vader Product on this site will always be of the highest quality and at the lowest prices. Additionally, we always promise to make you aware of any coupon offers or membership opportunities that can make your shopping expenditure even more affordable. We want you to be happy when making your purchase. We want you to know that you have bought the absolute best products at the absolute best price. Receiving your package in the mail and knowing that you could have gotten a better deal or a better product is not a good feeling. That is why we promise it will not happen.

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